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Breeding Methods

Posted by Shannon on October 11, 2013 at 10:40 AM

The following information is from the Rabbit Education Society website and is a very clear and concise description of various breeding methods used by rabbit breeders.

Breeders also use several different breeding systems:

Inbreeding: Mating individuals who are closely related such as father/daughter, mother/son. Brother/sister combinations are also used on occasion as test matings to determine genetic recessives but not done often by show breeders.

Linebreeding: Mating less closely related individuals. This is very commonly used by show breeders. Usually a show breeder will mate parents and offspring as a form of linebreeding, adding unrelated or less closely related rabbits to keep the gene pool strong.

Outcrossing: Breeding same breed but unrelated individuals.

Crossbreeding: Breeding unrelated individuals of different breeds.

Inbreeding and linebreeding are valid breeding systems. Groups or individuals who say inbreeding or linebreeding should not be done probably have little understanding of genetics. One must be wary of genetic problems when breeding closely related individuals but this system also increases the chances of passing on desirable traits. Outcrossing does not guarantee there will be no genetic problems as what genes the offspring receive-good or bad is dependent on what genes the parents carry.


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